Forever Learning and Always Dancing

That’s me! Welcome to my cozy home on the web. Relax, sip some tea, stay a while.

I’m a hungry life enthusiast passionate about crafting meaningful stories. A writer, dancer and autodidact.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to belong.

As a Canadian expatriate brought up in international schools around Asia, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing a multicultural childhood. Despite cultural differences, the world shares universal dreams of humanness danced through rhythmic explosions of harmony and flavour.

My love affair with dance was an incredible accident. Picture this.

It’s a winter-crisp Toronto evening. I wander into Babaluu Supper Club on Yorkville, grateful to be indoors. Latin grooves warm my soul and everybody’s dancing their hearts out. I’m thrust into a whole new clave-infused world. Everyone’s smiling and nobody minds where you’re from.

What matters is your dance.

What matters are your good vibes and energy.

What matters is who you are.

Salsa dancing taught me self-confidence, community and connection. Dance revealed how our unique voices matter. We have a beautiful responsibility to harness our bodies, energies and lives for good. To connect, heal and share the joys of being human despite our differences and struggles.

Tasty tidbits:

  • If I’m not on the dance floor you’ll find me curled up with a good book. I devour books. Om nom nom.
  • Writes 1000 words per day as daily practice.
  • Chen Style Tai Chi Practitioner and Drummer.
  • Loves daily routines, journaling and the art of gratitude.
  • Always eating and exploring new foods, cuisines and cultures. Check it out.
  • Passionate about the intersections of education, entrepreneurship and technology.

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